There are a number of products that we recommend taking together with your progesterone therapy regimen.

Vitamin D3 - A lack of vitamin D3 reduces the benefits of progesterone.  Having your Vitamin D3 levels tested will easily help you determine if you are deficient and what quantity of D3 is needed to help remedy this. Your daily D3 level should be between 70ng/ml and 100ng/ml.

The recommended daily dose of Vitamin D3 is 5000 iu's for adults and 2000 iu's for children under the age of 5 years. 

Vitamin D3 also needs Co-Factors to ensure it works optimally. These Co-Factors include Magnesium (Mg), Vitamin K2, Boron and Zinc.

Please visit the Vitamin D council website for more information.





Vitamin K2 (MK:7) - no soy.  While Vitamin D3 helps the body absort calcium from your diet, Vitamin K2 directs the body to deposit the calcium where it is needed, i.e. bones and teeth and not organs, arteries and muscles where it can cause health issues.  Many of the foods that are rich in Vitamin K are green vegetable so an easy and quick method of supplementing your Vitamin K2 is with green juice. These are some of the vegetables you can use in your green juice. Kale, spinach, mustard and collarg greens, beet and turnip greens, broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Try kale and spinach with an apple, cucumber and lemon.




While Vitamin D3 is a vital part of your overall good health and Vitamin K2 helps the body deposit the calcium where it is needed, Magnesium helps with the absorbtion of calcium by the body.  Magnesium functions as an enzyme co-factor and is essential for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body.

Depending on your Magnesium deficiency, it is recommended that between 250-800mg should be taken daily.  Having an Epsom Salt bath is an ideal way to boost your magnesium transdermally.  However, be aware that a high does of magnesium can have a laxative effect so we would recommend starting with a lower dose and increasing gradually.  Magnesium oil can be used as a deodorant and it also aids with sleeping, anxiety and stress and can help relieve aches, muscle spasms, restless legs and period pains.



Maganesium Oil



Magnesium Glycinate



Magnesium Citrate